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 Our Studio

We have rocked the video game industry for over twenty years. Our team is made of paladins, warriors, mages, and healers - all maxed out on their attributes ( sorry, no thieves nor rogues need apply)

It is near impossible to describe the magic and miracles this team has performed and how many projects our team has healed and delivered. Add to that comradery and accepting progressive culture, and you have a welcoming, collaborative, and supportive environment that thrives on the positive vibe everyone brings.

Humbly, We exclaim: We Rock!

babaroga team rendering


It should be understood that Babaroga is not BabaYaga. BabaYaga is her distant north-eastern cousin, and they are not on speaking terms anymore. Not since the Wolfman incident.

No, it had nothing to do with the chicken-leg house, which BabaYaga claimed as part of her inheritance, according to the court papers. The details are sketchy, rumors and gossip abound. However, the end result is known. Babaroga grew angry, disgusted, and disgruntled. She decided that she would cure the world's wickedness one child at a time. Children, she thought, was where the seeds of wickedness were planted.


She developed a simple and ingenious plan. She appeared under naughty children's beds at night. When the witching hour approached, she crept out and took naughty children away. Sometimes, children tried to run, and Babaroga had no other choice but to eat them.


Alas, her ways were not understood, and soon she was on the run. Betrayed by the humanity that she once protected, bitter and disillusioned, she sought solace in the New World.


Still wanting to focus on children, she moved into the game industry. Her final plans are a closely kept secret, full of mystery and danger. Some say signs of alchemy and the occult are part of it.


What is she building in there?

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